Property Management for El Gouna Owners

El Gouna Vacation Rentals (GVR) is a newly introduced service to El Gouna property owners. The idea was projected to meet the growing demand on vacation rentals catered to the local and international travelers seeking a majestic holiday with quality accommodation in the largest resort on the Red Sea.

Peace of mind
GVR has an experienced team of property management consultants who is determined to achieve the best result for the owners' asset. Our services are designated for the absentee owners who want to make maximum income on their investment coupled with highest standard care and maintenance for their homes.

We take care of finding the right tenant
Besides the growing demand on vacation rentals in El Gouna, GVR will go the extra mile. Our company intends to participate in most European trade and travel shows. Our marketing plan is founded on an international level extensive advertisement by utilizing the latest means of information technology to cover a strong web exposure, a variety of publications, media etc...

What do we do?
Short and Long Term Rentals by GVR:-
GVR provides a complete rental service package to the property owner by performing the following:
Contract and deal negotiations are drawn up by GVR to guarantee the full right of the owner and ensures providing selective tenants with the best possible rate.

Check in & out cleaning and linen:- GVR has created a special inspection scheduled system to make certain that all properties are pristinely set to receive our guest with nicely folded towels and crisp bed linen.

Unit inventory list is provided by GVR to guarantee that all the items of the property are fully retrieved after the end of contract in the same record and condition the tenant has received. Missing or damaged items (except for wear and tear) will be charged to the tenant or deducted from his security deposit and items to be replaced as necessary.

Regular monthly maintenance inspection:- GVR issues a periodical unit condition report to ensure the property endures in the best shape possible and any damage caused by negligence that could occur to the unit is to be rectified immediately on the tenant's expense or deducted from his security deposit.

Rent & Consumption bills collection:- GVR collects the rent and ensures that the tenant has paid all the property's consumption bills to protect the owner's account from any accumulated outstanding.

Settling owners' accounts:- Each property owner is to receive a statement of account showing all revenues received and all expenditures related to their rental property in accordance with the Property Management Agreement. GVR also arrange for revenue to be deposited in owner's bank account locally.